Unit II: Chemistry of Life

Chapters 2


Activities (Weeks 4-5):

Sept 5: Work on Chemistry of Life WS using book

Sept 6: Discuss Unit I exam, Lecture: Basic Chemical Concepts, Chemical Reactions

Sept 7: Lecture: Water

Sept 8: Lecture: Intro to Biochemistry, Begin Saccharides

Sept 11: Lecture: Finish Saccharides, Begin Lipids

Sept 12: Lecture: Lipids

Sept 13: Lab: pH scale

Sept 14: Lecture: Proteins

Sept 15: Lecture: Nucleic Acids

Sept 18: Review for Unit II Exam

Sept 19: Unit II Exam



Sept 5: Read Ch 2

Sept 6: Finish Chemistry of Life WS

Sept 7-11: Vocab cards!

Sept 12: Read lab handout on the pH scale

Sept 13: Answer conclusion questions for pH lab, Due Friday 9/15

Sept 14-17: Vocab cards!

Sept 18: Study for Unit II exam


Lecture Materials: