Unit I: Matter and Change

Chapter 3

Goal: the student will gain an understanding of the classification of matter based on knowledge of chemical and physical properties of matter.

Objectives: The student should be able to:

1. Describe and distinguish heterogeneous and homogeneous materials, substances, mixtures, and solutions.

2. Describe and give examples of elements and compounds.

3. Classify matter as an element, compound, or mixture.

4. Distinguish between elements, compounds, and mixtures in terms of their composition.

5. Identify properties of metals, nonmetals and metalloids.

6. Identify characteristics of chemical and physical changes.

7. Classify changes in matter as chemical or physical.

8. Distinguish among extensive, intensive, physical and chemical properties.

9. Differentiate among the physical states of matter.

10. Name and distinguish between the parts of a solution.

11. Compare and contrast the properties of' solutions, suspensions and colloids.

12. Describe properties of colloids and explain how these properties depend upon particle size.

13. Recognize upon what property methods such as distillation, filtration, centrifugation, chromatography, and electrophoresis are based.

14. State the law of conservation of mass and apply it to situations involving physical or chemical change.

15. Explain how compounds obey the laws of definite and multiple proportions.


Date Description of Activity
Aug 28 Discuss Density Lab, Lab Notebooks, Lab Writeups, Using Graphical Analysis; Discuss Unit I Exam
Aug 29 Density Lab
Aug 30 Lecture: Chemical & Physical Properties
Aug 31 Lecture: Chemical & Physical Changes
Sept 1 Lecture: Mixtures, Elements, Compounds
Sept 5 Lab: Analyzing & Identifying White Solids
Sept 6 Post-lab Discussion, Finish Lecture: Mixtures, Elements, Compounds
Sept 7 Lab: Conservation of Mass
Sept 8 Finish Lab: Conservation of Mass; Post-lab Discussion; Discuss Study Guides
Sept 11 Unit II Review
Sept 12 Unit II Exam



Date Description of Assignment
Aug 28 Prelab: Density
Aug 29 Lab Report: Density, Due Sept 5; Read Chapter 3
Aug 30 Begin Ch 3 Study Guide
Aug 31 Prelab: Analyzing and Identifying White Solids
Sept 1 Read Ch 15, Section 4; Ch 15, Section 4 Study Guide
Sept 5 Lab Report: Analyzing and Identifying White Solids, Due Sept 13
Sept 6 Prelab: Conservation of Mass
Sept 7 Finish Study Guides
Sept 8 Lab Report: Conservation of Mass, Due Sept 13
Sept 11 Study for Exam II
Sept 12 Read Ch 4


Lecture & Lab Materials:

Chemistry Lab Report Guidelines

Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes Lecture Material

Elements, Compounds, Solutions, and Colloids Lecture Material