Karen Shumway is continuing her role in helping the Academy to transition its way between Oak Ridge High School and The Woodlands College Park High School. After teaching SR&D and Chemistry PreAP at College Park in the 2005-2006 school year, she is switching gears slightly by teaching Biology PreAP and Chemistry PreAP at College Park in the 2006-2007 school year. She graduated from UT-Houston Health Science Center with an M.S. in Biochemistry, where she spent four years working in the Texas Medical Center doing biomedical research with the Xenopus laevis (South-African claw-toed frog) model system, studying DNA replication and the DNA damage response.  She is also a graduate of Austin College's biology department, and an Academy of Science & Technology alumna, class of 1996. Mrs. Shumway is married to another AST graduate, Scott Shumway, and together they have one son, Alexander, who was born January 2004 and another son coming December 2006.



Teacher - Karen Shumway

Conference – 12:56pm-1:42pm

Telephone – 936-709-3250

e-mail – kshumway@conroeisd.net

Webpage – http://info.conroeisd.net/~kshumway